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GrievingTeens™ a ministry to teens who have experienced grief through death of a friend, family member, divorce, or other forms of loss.

In order to reach "every young person", this will require the employment of different strategies.  GrievingTeens™ is one approach that will work well with the realities of life on a High School Campus at the beginning of the 21st century. 

It meets a need that I found by accident (not of my own volition not to negate divine volition or providence).  The need that it fills is that of loss and helping schools and especially students cope with loss.  Loss has always been there but it is more obvious and understood than in previous times.  Loss affects students physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  We have answers to these issues and we have caring adults and can recruit other adults that care about their own grief and helping others.

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A word about death from the father of this program.

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In 1997, I made my first presentation in a Health Class on Death and Dying due to the teacher loosing both of his parents in a short time.  In making the presentation, I found that most teens have experienced a multitude of losses in their short lives, and that at home there is little is not any discussion of death or grief.  Death, (as a subject) after the funeral is, swept under the rug of life.  The discussion of death causes mom or dad to get upset, so death remains unmentionable.  For others, you might not be able to talk about a recent loss without crying.  In speaking to ever Health Class and offering grief groups, divorce groups, and self-injury support groups a much great percentage of the campus can be reached.